An Easy Prescription for Reformation – Leave sins and turn in Tawba to Allah !

An Easy Prescription for Reformation
(Do this before sleeping or after nafl salah)

Perform two rakaats nafl salaah of taubah, repentance, then supplicate as follows:
“O Allah, I am a very sinful servant of yours. I intend to obey You but my intentions cannot achieve anything. Everything can occur with Your wish. I desire to be reformed but do not have the courage. My reformation [islaah] is in Your control. O Allah, I am extremely unworthy, evil and sinful. I am helpless. You assist me. My heart is feeble. I do not have the strength to refrain from sin. You grant me the fortitude. I do not have any means of salvation. You create the means of my salvation from the unseen. O Allah, whatever sins I have committed till now, forgive them with Your mercy. I do not claim that I will not commit them again. I know that I will perpetrate them in future but I will seek forgiveness for them.”

In this manner a person should daily seek pardon for his transgressions, admit his inadequacy and futility verbally and supplicate for his reformation. Do this for only ten minutes daily. You do not have to drink any medicine but at the same time do not discard the prevention. Merely use this brief treatment at the time of sleeping. You will witness that within a few days, you will acquire aid from the unseen to the extent that your courage and determination will increase, you will not incur any difficulty and hardships will not distress you. In short, you will attain such unseen assistance that is inconceivable.

From the discourses of Hakeemul Ummat, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahimahullah)