SALAWAT / DUROOD COLLECTION Vol 1- Salawaat that create happiness in the heart and remove sadness and sorrow

Salawat Durood Collection Vol 1 Draft

Salawat Durood Collection Vol 1 – A collection of Salawaat that create happiness and  remove depression sadness and sorrow. Insha Allah!

The Salawaat/Duruud mentioned in this short work are very effective in gladdening the heart and keeping a person in good spirits and in a happy mood. By its constant recitation, worry grief and depression and calamties will be dispelled. There is an immense overflowing of barakah that can be felt when reading this work so much so that the reciter can continue reciting for long periods and still wish to go on reciting.

The collections in this work are :

– Bashaa-irul Khayraat of Hadrat Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Jilaani Rahimahullah- A wonderful collection of Qur’aanic Ayats and Salawaat.

– Salawaatus Suruur wal farah li Daf‘il Humuumi wat Tarah – The salawaat of Happiness and Gladness to Dispel Sorrow and Sadness. – Selected short salawat from Dalaa-ilulul Khayraat the famous salawaat compilation of Hadhrat Imaam al Jazuli Rahimahullah.

– A collection of Asma al Husna, Asma an Nabi and salwaat by Hadhrat Shaykhul Hadith Mowlana Yusuf Motala of Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyyah Al-Islaamiyyah, Bury, UK, the renowned Khalifaa of Hadhrat Shaykhul Hadiith Mowlanaa Muhammad Zakariyya Rahimahullah. We are grateful to Allah Ta’ala for having given us the good fortune of presenting to the readers this valuable compilation. May Allah and His Rasul sallallahu alayhi wasallam accept it. Amiin.

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