Wazifa of Shaykh Zarruq RA- Safinatun Naja – The ship of rescue

Wazifa Zarruqiya Digital Edition 1

Alhamdulillah, this is the digital edition of our printed booklet:(above link)

The Ship of Rescue for Those Who Take Shelter in Allah
Safinatun Naja li man ilallahil Taja

also known as: Al-Wazifah az-Zarruqiyyah
by Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq, Rahimahullah (The famous Shadhili Shaykh)
Translated by Ahmad ‘Ali Al ‘Adani

About the book

As Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq was present at the shrine of the Prophet, ﷺ he greeted the Prophet, ﷺ, who greeted him in return saying, “Peace be upon you, too, Ahmad. Recite to me your wazifah.” ‘I have many waza’if, Messenger of Allah,’ Zarruq said, so the Prophet, ﷺ, specified, “The one that begins with ‘Wa ilÁhukum ilÁhun wÁhid- Your God is one God.” At that time, the wazifah was longer than it is now, containing a greater number of Qur’anic ayat and Prophetic ahadith, so as Shaykh Zarruq was busy reciting it to the Prophet, ﷺ, he, ﷺ, said, “Leave out this and keep in that,” until the end was reached. According to Shaykh Barakat al-Hattab al-Makki, Zarruq said to the Prophet, ﷺ, ‘I have not given it any title, O Messenger of Allah,’ so he, ﷺ, said: “Call it Safina-tun-Naja li-Man Arada ilallahil-Laja” – The Ship of rescue for those who wish for shelter in Allah [The final title it is known by is a slightly different variant of that].

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