Book Review: The Drink of the People of Purity in Prayers upon the Chosen Prophet

This is why we say that we supplicate to Allah through sending prayers upon the Beloved (peace be upon him). Its etiquette (adab) and reality (haqiqa) is for us to intend in our hearts whatever we wish of worldy or Afterworldly concerns and then invoke prayers upon the Prophet (peace be upon him). After that we do not need to explain our wants, for Allah Most High knows what is concealed in the chests. So if we divest ourselves from our deficient tongues and make the Prophet’s blessed tongue (peace be upon him) the intermediary (wasita) between us and Allah Most High – through sending prayers on the Prophet (peace be upon him) – then we will have firm grounding.In terms of the method of worldly ascension, Shaykh Qandusi writes:At the start of the New Year, consider how much you must spend upon your dependents [if you have dependents], or upon yourself [for the coming year]. Draw up a detailed list of all the things you will need and calculate their full cost and see if they will cost you one hundred (dirhams) or more or less. Leave nothing unaccounted for, not even the cost of water and salt. After calculating the sum total of dirhams you must spend, send an equal number of prayers [upon the Prophet (peace be upon him)]and later he states:What Allah seeks from us is propriety (adab), and that is why we say: For whatever you wish to purchase or sell, conduct the transaction first with Allah Most High by sending prayers upon the Prophet (peace be upon him). Any time you wish to purhcase a mount or a servant, or to buy or rent a home or an orchard or a store, preface your transaction [with prayers upon the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)]. When your transaction is concluded make sure you bind it, then or later, with gratitude, expressed through prayers upon the Beloved (peace be upon him) just as you did at the beginning of your transaction. Do this, and Allah will put blessings for you in it.Shaykh Qandusi also employs the Abjad numerical system in which each letter of the Arabic alphabet is assigned a corresponding number. Based on this, he continues to advise us:This instruction also applies if a haughty tyrant transgresses against you, be he a bandit or unjust ruler, and pilfers your wealth. Do not turn your gaze toward him; speak to Allah instead concerning the issue, and give to Allah the value of what was taken from you, by sending prayers [upon the Prophet (peace be upon him)] in the number equal to [the monetary worth of what was taken] Do this, and Allah Most High will give you far better than what was stolen from you!Shaykh Qandusi advises us to send blessings upon the Prophet (peace be upon him), with the start of each year, each season, at the beginning of each lunar mansion and with special emphasis on the special months and nights throughout the year.

Source: Book Review: The Drink of the People of Purity in Prayers upon the Chosen Prophet


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