The Musalsal Hadith of Using Tasbih

العلم النافع

A hadith musalsal is a hadith that contains an extra element of information about the way the hadith was being transmitted at every link of the chain. The word musalsal means ‘in a chain’ or ‘made into a chain.’

And tasalsul means ‘the process of becoming a chain’ and refers to the extra element of information that is narrated about how the hadith is being narrated. wAllahu a’lam.

Abu Abdallah Muhammad al-Talib bin Hamdun said in his Hashiya:

‘The scholars of hadith have a hadith musalsal in the munawala (holding or giving) of the sibha that we have narrated from a group of shuyukh, and it ends with al-Hasan al-Basri.’

Here is a translation of this hadith as well as an introduction to the musalsal hadiths by imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sanusi in Al-Musalsalaat al-’ashr:


Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Sanusi, may Allah be pleased with him, said:

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