The Souls of Martyrs visit Rasulullah on the 15 Shabaan

*The Souls of Martyrs visit Rasulullah on the 15 Shabaan*
extracted from Futuh as Shaam
(While in JIhad Hazrat Sahl RA was captured and given to a priest as a gift. Bretta was the daughter of this priest. After observing Hazrat Sahl RA and accepting his invitation to islam she became a muslim and helped Hazrat Sahl RA to escape on horseback.) The incident is as follows:
When they had covered the distance of 2 Farsakh they heard horses following them. Bretta said, “If they are Romans I shall speak to them. If they are ‘Arab Christians you must speak to them.”
They paused and soon 23 horsemen appeared. They were dressed in green and were mounted on grey horses. Sahl RA examined them and realised that they were the Sahâbah (who had been executed and were made shaheed few days before.) He went to them and said, “As-salâmu ‘alaykum….Allâh is Most Pure! Did I not witness your execution?”
“Yes,” they replied, “Do you not know that martyrs are living and do not die? It is but a transition from one abode to another. Allâh has sent the souls of the martyrs to visit the grave of Rasûlullâh sallallahu alayhi wasallam tonight.”
That was the night of mid-Sha‘bân.
Sahl RA said, “I want to go with you.”
“You are not capable of that,” they replied, “You have forty-one nights remaining to your life before you join us. As for this girl, Allâh has prepared for her in Jannah what He prepares for His friends. He made for her a palace of diamonds and rubies. It is on the banks of the River Kawthar. Its walls glitter with light. Its domes are highly embellished. Its thrones touch each other. Its rugs are raised. Its jugs are in rows. Its corners are trimmed. Its robes are embroidered with beautiful plaits at the side. The hidden and secret Pen has written on the gates:
‏ادخلوا الجنة بما كنتم تعملون‏
‘Enter Paradise because of what you did.’”[an-Nahl:32]
Bretta asked, “Through what have I earned this bounty?”
“Through acknowledging the Great Lord as One, through affirming the Noble Prophet,” they replied.
She screamed and dropped down dead.
[According to the previous narration there should have been 26, not 23 martyrs – Translator]
Sahl RA narrates:
I dismounted and buried her. The martyrs disappeared. I continued to the Muslims and reported to ‘Abdullâh bin Ghassân and Sahl bin ‘Adî. This served to increase the conviction of the Muslims.
Sahl RA lived another forty-one days and died.

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