Qaseedah Tooba- Qasidah Tuba-Digital Edition

Download here: Qasidah Tooba Digital Edition

A Qasīdah interwoven with Asmā al Husnā and Duā
By Shaykhul Hadīth, Hadrat Mawlānā Muhammad Mūsā Ruhānī Al Bāzī رحمه الله تعالى

Translated by :
Hadrat Mufti Muhammad Ahmed Kāzī

Virtues of Qasīdah Tūba
There are many benefits in reciting the Qasīdah Tūbā
• With Allāh’s permission many calamities and difficulties can be removed by the barakah of Asmā al Husnā:
• Abundance of sustenance
• Cure from incurable diseases
• Enduring difficulties becomes easy
• More customers are attracted to ones business
• The once flourishing business that has suffered due to sihr (magic) will now improve
• The effect of sihr will be dispelled
• It is a cure for the heart and stomach ailments
• It prevents Shayātīn (devils) throwing stones at the house
• The effects of the Jinnāt are deflected
• It stops nightmares and bad dreams
• Barren women will conceive a children
• Lost items will be found
• Individuals who have ran away from home will be found
• It is very effective in capturing the hearts
• People will succeed in court cases
• It is a protection against enemies and their harm
• Unmarried persons will find suitable partners
• Nikāh proposals will be accepted
• A woman who had lost her children previously willl now have a baby who will be blessed with long life
• Due to the barakah of reading this wazīfah one will have a safe journey and will return with goodness
• One does not have to be an ‘āmil’ (one who dispenses tāwīz to obtain these benefits).
However to become an āmil for this wazīfah one will receive additional benefits.
3 ways of becoming an āmil for this Qasīdah:
1. Read this Qasīdah for 41 days consecutively three times a day. After that once a day this Qasīdah has to be recited
2. Read this Qasīdah 11 times for 41 days consecutively
3. Read this Qasīdah 21 times whilst fasting and making ietikāf for three consecutive days
A special request is made to remember the author and his family in your duas

حَامِدًا وَّ مُصَلِّيَا اَمَّا بَعْدُ
I have compiled this work about the beautiful attributive names of Allāh ﷻ in Arabic poetry form. These names are in addition to the 99 names of Allāh ﷻ which are commonly known as ‘Asmā al Husnā’
I have undertaken this task when my close associates have insisted to compile the Qasīdah and after making Istikhāra it begun. I have named this compilation
اَلْـمَنْظُوْمُ الْاَسْـمٰى فِىْ اَسْـمَاءِ الْـحُسْنٰى
better known as Qasīdah Tūba. (Tūba is a tree in Jannah laden with fruit that reaches into the dwellings. It also means good news and glad tidings – for those that read this Qasīdah)
This Qasīdah happens to be (one of) the first Qasīdah’s as far as Asmā al Husnā is concerned. Alhamdulillāh by reciting this Qasīdah many benefits pertaining to this world and the hereafter will be obtained. The readers will experience this themselves. I have recomended this Qasīdah to one of my associates who was in difficulty. He read it and alhamdulillāh with the barakah of Asmā al Husnā his difficulty was removed.


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