The Beautiful Description of the Messenger of Allah by shaykh Saleh al-Ja’fari

The Beautiful Description of the Messenger of Allah
(Upon Him and His Family be Allah’s Peace and Blessings)
Composed by shaykh Saleh al-Ja’fari

في صفة النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم
شيخ صالح الجعفرى – رحمة الله عليه

عظـــيم هـــامة وكث اللـحيـــة *** وواســـع الصــدر مليء الحـــكـــمة
His head is grand and his beard is thick * His chest is broad and full of wisdom

وأبيض اللون بهي الطلعة *** ومشرب بياضه بحمرة
His appearance splendid, his color white * His whiteness tinged with redness

مفلج الأسنان ذو البيان *** نبينا وأشنب الأسنان
Our Prophets teeth are bright, straight and even * His speech most clear and eloquent

وأكحل العينين ذو جلال *** ذو دعج يزيد في الكمال
His eye-lids rimmed with black as if with kohl; he looks majestic * The intense blackness of his pupils adds to his perfection

أزج الحاجبين ذو ملاحة *** ضخم الكراديس ورحب الراحة
His eyebrows fine and curved, his face round and beautiful * His joints are large and his palms wide and generous

عن شحمة الأذنين لا تزيد *** لمته سوادها شديد
His hair is intensely black * It reaches his earlobes but does not exceed them

وأنفه كالسيف في الضياء *** جبهته كالبدر في الظلماء
His nose is like a sword in the light * His forehead like a full moon in the dark

كجيد دمية بياض عنقه*** وكامل مكمل في خلقه
His neck like that of a statue, white and pure * Perfect and complete is his moral character

كأنما ينحط في مشيته *** من صبب وذاك من قوته
He walks as if descending from an incline * And that is from his strength