Muraqaba Meditation. Waiting for Allah’s mercy.

Faqirahs Flower Garden

images (6)_20151231170104714Muraqaba is a meditation that entails waiting in earnest for the mercy of Allah to descend upon the heart. During Muraqaba the rain of Allah’s mercy descends upon the heart. The heart peacefully calls out Allah, Allah, Allah.

The human heart is situated at a distance of approximately two fingers width below the left breast. Whilst waiting for Allah’s mercy one should focus one’s attention on this specific spot. Moreover, one should visualise through the mind’s eye as though the spiritual heart has formed an opening on that spot and that Allah’s Noor (radiance and light) and His Rahmah (mercy) is permeating through the darkness of the heart thus illuminating it. Think as though this light is cleansing the heart of all the filth of sin and the heart is echoing the name of “ALLAH” in sincere gratitude.

Whilst in meditation one should try to “pull” this light towards one’s…

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