Istighfaar and 99 Names of Allah/ Asma al-Husna combined

Istighfar and Asma al Husna

ISTIGHFAAR Combined with The 99 Names of Allah  – (Above link)

This is a simple short Istighfaar formula to attain closeness to Allah and forgiveness of sins. The benefit of this formula is that a person will be able to learn the 99 Names of Allah as well when reciting and also the reciter will become familar with the Jalaali and Jamaali attributes of Allah (Attributes of Majesty and Beauty) thus inculcating the praiseworthy qualities of Fear and Hope in Allah Ta’ala. This increases a persons modesty, shame and remorse in front of Allah which are the essence of repentence and a means of its acceptance and forgiveness of sins. May Allah be pleased with us and may He accept our repentance and Forgive our sins due to the recitation of these words of Istighfaar.

We have included the beneficial ‘Istighfaar al Kabir’ in the end. This istighfaar was taught to Shaykh Ahmad bin Idris Rahimahullah by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Khidr A.S and is very beneficial. It should be memorised and read daily.



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