The life of the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam now in his resting place/Barzakh

The life of the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam now in the Grave/Barzakh

A Poem by Shaykh Ibn Hajar al-Haytami Rahimahullah (d. 974 AH/1566 CE)

The proofs and texts are very many,
to the extent that the author can not count what he says;
That the Chosen One is alive and tender,
Like a crescent moon that never wanes
And that the Hashemite’s every beauty,
does not change in the grave;
And that worms do not come near him,
Nor anything that is disliked.
And the earth has not eaten his flesh,
nor bones, and this is established;
And angels come to him at every time,
to greet him and listen to what he says.
He prays the five prayers in his grave,
without stopping, without boredom;
He performs the ablutions with water,
of the unseen, as the evidence tells us.
And fasting every year and pilgrimage,
are not impossible for him;
And our actions are presented daily,
to him to bring him joy.
And if (our actions) are good he prays,
to the Lord to accept them;
And if otherwise then he will pray,
that He -most great- forgives them and He will.
And that land that holds him truly,
is a piece of Paradise;
And the grave that holds his body,
was honoured when the guest came into it.
And it is better than the heavens and earth,
and the angels that roam the skies;
And (better than) the Throne and the Gardens of Eden,
the Paradise that holds endless good.
And he greets those who come to visit,
and sees them all no matter how crowded it becomes;
And hears them all with his ears
if they send blessings upon him, so travel to him!
And he who doesn’t believe this about Taha,
with certainty, is an ignorant heretic;
This Haytami servant seeks refuge with the one,
at whose doorstep the caravans unload their haul.
Allah bless him in every moment,
as long as people travel to him;
And bless his family and his companions,
as they approach in streams from every land!

Sallallahu Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Sallallahu alayhi wasallam

Note: This is not the entire poem

تواترت الأدلة والنقول
فما يحصي المصنف ما يقول
بأن المصطفى حي طري
هلال ليس يطرقه أفول

وأن الهاشمي بكل وصف
جميل لا يغيره الحلول
وأن الدود لا يأتي إليه
كذا الآفات ليس لها وصول

ولم تأكل له الغبراء لحما
ولا عظما وأثبت ما أقول
وتأتيه الملائك كل وقت
تحييه وتسمع ما يقول

يصلي في الضريح صلاة خمس
دواما لا يمل ولا يميل
ويطهر للصلاة بماء غيب

ويقضيها بذا ورد الدليل

وصوم ثم حج كل عام
يجوز عليه بل لا يستحيل
كذا الأعمال تعرض كل يوم
عليه كي يسر بها الرسول

فإن كانت صلاحا قام يدعو
إلى المولى ليقبل ما يقول
وإلا غير ذلك فهو يدعو

ليغفرها وقد صفح الجليل

وبقعته اللتي ضمته حقا
رياض من جنان تستطيل
كذا اللحد الذي ضم الطوايا
تشرف حين حل به النزيل

وأفضل من سماوات وأرض
وأملاك بأفلاك تجول
ومن عرش ومن جنات عدن
وفردوس بها خير جزيل

ويلقاهم إذا وفدوا عليه
وينظرهم إذا ازدحم القفول
ويسمعهم إذا صلوا عليه
بأذنيه فقصر يا ملول

ومن لم يعتقد هذا بطه
يقينا قهو زنديق جهول
عبيد هيتمي مستجير
بمن حطت بساحته الحمول

عليه الله صلى كل حين
مدى الأيام ما شدت حمول
وآل ثم صحب ما تدانى
من الأقطار سيل إذ يسيل


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