The Shaykhs of the Path and Tarbiya 1

العلم النافع

The Shaykh of the Tariqa, the Imam of the people of Shari’a, and the Paragon of the People of Haqiqa, sayyidi al-shaykh al-imam al-Azhari, Salih al-Ja’fari al-Husayni, said in his book Al-Ilhaam an-Naafi’ li-Kulli Qaasid (The Beneficial Inspiration for Every Seeker):

Know my brother, may Allah guide you and guide us: That that shaykhs of the path say: “Obedience brings us together, and disobedience separates us”.

And what greater catastrophe is worse on the murid then separation between himself and his shaykh?

For the shaykh is the door to the Prophetic Presence (al-Hadra an-Nabawiyya), and the Prophetic Presence is the door to the Holy Presence (Al-Hadra al-Qudsiyya), and he who knows both doors, enters into the presence of both.

[Sayyidi al-shaykh Salih al-Ja’fari, radi Allahu anhu, has said about that]:

فبابك للمختار شيخك يا فتى * به الوصل بالمختار في حضرة القرب

وبالسيد المختار ترقى…

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