Imam Haddad on Love for Wealth and Fame

Remove the love of dinars and of dirhams from your heart until they become as pebbles and sand in your eyes. Remove the wish to be thought highly of from your heart until your are indifferent to people’s praise and condemnation, and to whether they are attracted or repulsed by you. For the love of prominence is more harmful than that of money, and both indicate desire for the world.
– Imām ‘Abdullāh ibn ‘Alawī al-Ḥaddād Ra

Dont waste these Precious Moments in life

TODAY might be the last day of your life. Or maybe not. Do what you can to please Allah and stay away from what displeases Him. Don’t waste even a single moment or let a moment pass without remembering and serving your Allah. Every moment is like a precious jewel. Value it! To serve Allah and His creation is the greatest Honour to mankind. Stay away from useless activities that have no benefit in the Hereafter.


So many Janazahs every day…. When are we going to realise. We have only one life. If we only use it in sport, play and amusement and don’t work for Allah then we are foolishly wasting away our days and not using our gift of life, our bodies, hearts and souls, for what Allah intended. Instead we are using these same gifts to dis-obey the One who gave them to us! How unfortunate is such a person. We should work for Allah and take something with us to present to Him. Dedicate your life to Allah. Obey Him. Work for Him and in return Allah will give us ‘What no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard of and no thought has even passed the heart of any person.’ Instead of planning our next leisure activity, we should plan what we are going to do for Allahs sake and pleasure and how much are we willing to spend on it in terms of our time and wealth. May Allah give us the Tawfeeq.

The Reality of Taqwa

العلم النافع

The noble shaykh Ahmad ibn Idris (may Allah be pleased with him) said:


Taqwa is to make Allah, most high, a protection between yourself and everything other than Himself. It is not as has been said, to make something a protection for you between yourself and between Himself, for that would be a veil between you and Him. Taqwa is therefore a very high rank. Allah most high said:

{O People, worship Allah who created you and those who came before you, so that perhaps you might achieve taqwa}  (2:21)

He – most high and transcendent – wanted to pull us to worship Him, and so reminded us of His blessings upon us, to drive us to Him. At other times, He would drive us toward Him by mentioning what He has prepared for us in Paradise, and at other times He drives us toward Him through warnings and…

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