The dreams of Molana Umar Palanpuri Rahimahullah

The dreams of Molana Umar Palanpuri R.A

Molana Muhammad Umar Palanpuri sab saw the Prophet Mohamed Sallahu alayhee wasalaam many times in his dreams in which he (Salallahu alayhee wasalaam) gave glad tidings for those who were engaged in the effort of Dawat and  striving for the religion of Islam and He (Salallahu alayhee wasalaam) also assured that his attention and focus was towards these groups.

Hazrat molana himself  saw many such dreams and besides this, many people saw dreams of Prophet Muhammad (Sallahu alayhee wasalaam) accompanying molana Umar Sab also.

But here we will only narrate those dreams which Molana himself saw and noted  in his personal notebook.

From these dreams we can gauge the love that molana Umar had for the Prophet Mohamed (Sallahu alayhee wasalaam) and how much reverence he had for this great effort of dawat.

Dream one:

seen on 10 February 1980 (Sunday).

Molana Umar writes: I saw this dream in Dhaka in Bangladesh. In the dream I saw that I was looking for  Prophet Muhammad (Sallahu alayhee wasalaam) and there were many people present. I found Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alayhee wasalaam sitting between a group of people. I went there and I did Salaam to him and I shook his hands and I asked him about paradise. He replied , “inshall Allah you are going to enter into paradise and there will be great enjoyment there “.

Then I said to him that Hazrat sheikh (Molana Zakariyya R.A) and Hazrat Jee (Molana Inamul Hasan R.A) also send their Salaams and he accepted their Salaams and then he said,

“Molana Zakariyya is such a person that one’s eyes get dazzled!” (in my heart I felt that what he meant by this statement is that Molana Zakariyya is abundant Noor).After this , I awoke from the dream.

Subhanallah May Allah grant us such piety which pleases Our Prohpet Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wasallam.

The Second dream:

seen on 9 December 1977. In Musjid Noor (Tablighi Markaz of Madina Munawwara) I slept in Hazrat Jees room where I saw the following dream.

I saw a large group of people and I asked a youngster where the Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alayhee wasalaam was, he pointed to a room.

So I entered into the room and I saw that there were many pious people there. I saw that in one corner Ebraheem Abdul-Jabbar was sitting but I didn’t focus upon the others.

The Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alayhee wasalaam was on a bed, I tried to shake his hands but he said “hang on!” Having said this the Prophet Muhammad (Sallahu alayhee waSallam) got off the bed and then he shook hands with me and then he sat back on the bed and he spread his legs, I kissed the blessed feet of Prophet Mohamed plentifully and he did not stop me.

Then I wanted to see his blessed countenance again but he was busy talking to others so he prevented  me.

When he finished talking to them he said, “Molvi sab! At this time we are going on a mission.You come along with us also!”

I asked ‘when?’ To which he replied, “tomorrow.”

I asked “where?”

And he said “the Haram (of Madinah).”
I asked “at what time?”
he said, “come whenever you want!”

After this I tried to seek permission for molana Zakariyya and Hazrat Jee but the dream came to an end.

Dream Three:

In 1970 I was sleeping in a small village whilst out in the Path of Allah  when, in a dream , I saw a big group in which the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was present.

I went to him and met him and shook his hands. I wanted to ask him about Hazrat Sheikh Molana Zakariyya’s programme  but before I could ask him he (Sallahu alayhee wasalaam) said to me ;

“why is it being said that nothing is being done and that nothing is happening and that the workers are not doing anything?!!”

He continued, “Humility (tawaazoo) is one thing but it should not exceed the bounds and become ungratefulness! (Naa shukree)”

He repeated this 5 to 10 times and he kept on repeating this.

I did not have an opportunity to ask him about molana Zakaria and I woke up!

I cannot write in words the pain and anguish with which the Prophet Muhammad Sallahu alayhee wasalaam said these words.


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