DONT only be a Ramadhan Muslim!

DONT be only a Ramadhan muslim…

It is important for us to be sincere in our love for Allah. That means worship Him all the time. Every night in Ramadhan and out of it. Not just for rewards but out of love and gratitude for Allah Ta’ala. People tend to vie with one another in ibadah which is good but the reason for Allah giving us Ramadhan is not just to make ibadah, rather the main reason is for us to take something from Ramadhan and His mercy That thing is TAQWA out of Ramadhan.

We make ibadah and we are doing something good but after Ramadhan we go back to the sins. We don’t make intention to stay away from sins after Ramadhan nor do we have that desire. This is nifaq ones Islam and we are playing games with Allah. We go Back to the lies, back to the missing salah, back to the movies, back to the songs, back to our old habits. Such a person is in great loss! So what has he achieved? Yes we may have got the forgiveness of Allah but we haven’t attained Taqwa of the nafs and heart. The person that stays away from sin AFTER Ramadhan, he is the one whose Ramadhan has been accepted and blessed by Allah. So we have to make our ibadah with our hearts and regret for our sins and make many promises and strong intentions and many many duas to Allah never to let us be unmindful again and not to allow ourselves to disobey Him again. Every obedient person is a Zaakir!

If we have left sins and ghaflat’ useless surfing and permissible things, time wasting etc and have a disgust with them and find no peace in them and only find peace in Allah’s remembrance…then we have truly attained an accepted Ramadhan.

Recently the Mashaaikh that come here to south Africa have been telling us just one thing ‘ you South Africans look like pious muslims outwardly andd make lots of ibadah….but you make just as much sin as well thereby ruining all your good deeds. This is very much disliked by Allah and a person will never progress like this and will not benefit from good deeds. The main essential thing is to stay away from every sin and ghaflah, this negligence (useless permissible pastimes). This comes first, before ibadah. The closest person to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam is he who has the most Taqwa, whoever he is, wherever he is.’

For us these days the best ibadah is Istighfaar. We are not short of salah, tilawat. Zikr, but we are short of and lacking in true tawbah and humility to Allah. We lack those precious tears which are rare and a precious commodity to the angels to those in the heavens and is so beloved to Allah. Our ibadah at times also gives us pride and vanity but tawba and istighfar always brings humility and gifts from Allah.

On the night of qadr one of the best ibadah is the dua taught by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam to Aysha Radiallahu Anha ‘ Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbul afwa fa’fu-anni. This dua has a special connection with laylatul qadr and is the most effective in softening the heart, wiping out sins and bringing one closer to Allah. One should read it, pausing after each sentence in it thinking we are in Allah’s presence. The night that you feel the effects of this dua the most, that night possibly is laylatul qadr. This dua should be recited at least 100 times in one sitting while shedding tears and being hopeful of Allah’s forgiveness and feeling ashamed of one’s sins. Also read it continiously throughout the night (300 times is a good number) May Allah Ta’ala give us tawfeeq.


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