Dhikr and the Journey of Tasawwuf

The Journey of Tasawuf

Zikr has its complete effect when the heart mind soul and body has remembered Allah.

The utmost respect should be adopted before commencing the zikr. For one is spending his time in a relationship with his most gracious Allah.

When we begin our zikr we must try and be aware even for a few moments that Allah is remembering me, and His noor is showering on our hearts and by its barakah it’s washing away the stain of the effects of sin on our hearts. Similarly like If we open a tap full n put a dirty plate under it.

We should not desire any form of effect. For when washing away the many stains of years and years of sin and negligence of the heart takes time.

Our mashaikh have advised the reading of istigfar before commencing our zikr as well.

This should be done from our hearts as well as tongues.

Istigfar cleans the heart while zikr polishers it.

Then we should feel shy that Allah you are remembering this sinner. This should bring tears to ones heart and if possible eyes as well.

And finally we should allow hope to flow in our hearts, that oh my Allah only with Your kindness we’ll receive Your love and forgiveness.

That’s one possible reason why we say

Allah hu Haziri -Allah is present
Allah hu naaziri- Allah is watchin
Allah hu ma’ii – Allah is with me

Haaziri – the knowledge of the presence of Allah moves us Away from sin.

This happens in two methods.
One, is the fear of the zaat of Allah and his punishment.
Two, fear for Allah based on respect and dignity.
both are correct the latter is affected by his lofty status while the other fears his power and anger.
Naaziri- the gaze n tawajuh of Allah brings humility regret.

Knowing that the knowledge of Allah is All encompassing. And Allah is giving me a chance to leave my evil ways brings regret as well as humility that Allah alone knows who I am.

Maeeyat- the friendship n connection with Allah allows the saalik to hope n this draws him closer to Allah then the previous stages.

May Allah bless us with his complete wilaayah.
And protect our imaan till we meet with him.

Advice of my dear friend-
Shaykh Hassan, Zawiya Khaliliya,South Africa


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