The exact time when Dua’s at Tuhajjud are accepted

Time when Dua’s at tahujjud are accepted

The Prophet-sallallahu alayhi wasallam was born at the end of the night a certain space of time before dawn, and his mother hadn’t expelled the placenta until dawn had arisen. The space of time between his being separated from his mother’s womb and the expulsion of the placenta is the moment when duas are answered in the night. Hadiths  have been handed down regarding this moment which show its importance and tell of its awesomeness and that its effect will extend up to the Resurrection. It’s at that moment that the people of the Diwaan (Saintly gathering) of the Friends of Allah Ta’ala the Sublime assemble from all quarters of the earth. Among them is the Support (al-Ghawth) and the seven Pivots (al-Aqtaab ), as well as “the people of the circle and the number” (Groups of Auliya) Allah be pleased
with them all! Their gathering takes place in the Cave of Hiira outside Makkah, and they’re the bearers of Islam’s pillar of light. The entire Muslim community benefits from them. Anyone whose dua coincides with their dua and whose standing erect coincides with their standing erect at this hour, Allah will answer his request and accomplish his desire.’ 
Shaykh AI-Dabbagh-RahimahuAllah often indicated that we should rise at this hour and he said: ‘Dawn arrives in Makkah before it arrives in the city of Fez (or your own city). In your rising observe the dawn of Makkah and act in conformity with it.’

Source: Kitab al-Dhahab al Ibriz min kalaami sayyidi Abd al Aziz ad Dabbagh RahimahuAllah

So we should rise at the time of tahajjud in our own locality and if possible also try to arise at the time before dawn in Makkah to get the virtue mentioned above as advised by the Shaykh. Shaykh Abdul Aziz ad Dabbagh was a very well known and high ranking Wali of Allah and is buried in Fez, Morocco.


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