A Bedouin at the Rawdha

يقول الأصمعي:
Imam Al-’Asma’ī (scholar in the field of Arabic etymology and morphology) says,

رأيت أعرابياً واقفاً أمام قبر رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول:

I saw a bedouin [predominantly desert-dwelling Arabian] standing in front of Allāh’s Messenger’s (peace and blessings upon him) grave rendering the following sentiments,
اللهم إن هذا حبيبك والشيطان عدوك وأنا عبدك.

O Allāh, Undoubtedly this Prophet (Muḥammad) is Your beloved, the devil is Your enemy and I am Your devotee.

فإن غفرت لي فرح حبيبك وحزن عدوك وفاز عبدك.
If You pardon my sins, Your beloved will express delight, Your enemy will grieve and Your devotee will succeed.

وإن لم تغفر لي حزن حبيبك وفرح عدوك وهلك عبدك.
If You do not pardon me, then Your beloved will grieve, Your enemy will rejoice and Your slave will be destroyed.

وأنت أكرم من أن تسر عدوك وتحزن حبيبك وتهلك عبدك.
It does not befit Your honour and grace, that Your enemy rejoices, Your beloved grieves, and your devotee is destroyed.

اللهم إن كرماء العرب وأجودهم كانوا إذا وقفوا على قبر عظيمٍ من عظمائهم أعتقوا على قبره رقبة وأنا أقف على قبر سيد الأولين والآخرين فأعتقني على قبره من النار يارب العالمين .

O Allāh, when the honorable and generous amongst the Arab community would stand by the grave of one of their leaders, they would free slaves (in respect and honour). [Oh my Lord], I stand before the grave of the chief of all previous and forth coming communities [beseeching you], O Lord of the universe, free me from the dreadful hell fire upon the by the blessedness of this grave.

ويقول الأصمعي: فعجبت من فصاحته وقوة جدله

Imam Al-’Asma’ī says, “I was amazed by the eloquence this man possessed and by the strength he put into presenting his sentiments [and supplication to Allāh].

(See: Wafā al Wafā bi Akhbār Dār al Musṭafā)
Translated by Shaykh Mazhar Mahmood


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