Imam Ghazzali and the Dhikr of Allah Allah Allah

In his Sharh al-Mubāhith al-Asliyya, Ibn ‘Ajība (may Allah have mercy on him!) relates that Abū Hāmid al-Ghazālī (may Allah have mercy) said: “At first I desired to travel upon the path with many prayers, litanies, and fasts. Then when Allah saw the sincerity of my intention, He brought me to one of His saints who said to me: ‘My son, rid yourself of all pre-occupations save Allah alone. Withdraw into isolation, gather together all your strength and fervour, and say Allāh, Allāh, Allāh.’”.
And al-Ghazālī in his Mishkāt alAnwār said: “As long as you occupy yourself with that which is other than Allah, you must remain with the negation, lā ilāha.  When you have become oblivious to all of creation by your contemplation of the Creator, then you have left the negation behind and attained the affirmation: ‘Say Allāh! Then leave them to their vain talk.’  ” He also said: “When you have left behind the remembrance of what never was, and devoted yourself to the remembrance of He who has never ceased to be, then when you say Allāh you will be delivered from all that is other than Allah” He also said, “Open the door of your heart with the key of the saying lā ilāha illa Allāh, the door of your spirit with the word Allāh, and invoke the presence of your innermost essence (sirr) with the word Huwa, Huwa”. .


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