Al Maqbula- Shaykh Salih al Jafari Rahimahullah. Beautiful poem of longing for Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam

بسم الله الرحمن الحيم صلي ياربي وسلم على النبي خير البرية

حبه عين الكمال
جاهه عال و غال
صحبه خير الرجال
بايعوا الهادي محمد

His love is the source of perfection itself, he is most dear to Allah, most Precious. His Companions are the best of Men, they gave allegiance to the best of guides Muhammad!
حبه فرض وحتم
مدحه خير و غنم
ليس يأتي القلب هم
للذي يعشق محمد
His love is obligatory and necessary, his praise is great good and gain. No worry comes to the heart of the one who loves Muhammad
بحر علم الله أحمد
كل من يلقاه يسعد
حوضه الصافي المبرد
للذي يعشق محمد
The ocean of Allah’s knowledge is Ahmad, whoever meets him gains eternal bliss. His pure and cool pond, is for the one who loves Muhammad
أكحل العينين أدعج
نوره المحبوب أبلج
أشنب الأسنان أفلج
فاق رسل الله محمد
His eyes are lined with Khol and most white, his beloved light is most bright. His teeth well spaced, full of light. He surpassed Allah’s Messengers, Muhammad!
وجهه يا ناس نائر
سيدي مولى البشائر
ذخرنا نور البصائر
إسمه الهادي محمد
His face, O people is luminous, my master bringer of glad tidings. The most precious light of our eyes, his name, the Guide Muhammad
هذه الدنيا كساعه
إجعل الأعمال طاعه
إشتري خير بضاعه
زورة الهادي محمد
This life is like an hour, so make you acts all in obedience. And buy the best of goods, a visit to the guide, Muhammad!
هذه الدنيا تزول
و البقا ليس يطول
أين من يمشي يقول
كن شفيعي يا محمد
This world will perish and whats left of it is not long, so where are those who walk and say : Be my intercessor Oh Muhammad!
ظننا فيك جميل
أنت يا ربي وكيل
و النبي نعم الكفيل
الحبيب مولاي محمد
We think of You most beautifully, You my Rabb are the disposer of affairs, and the Prophet is our guarantor, my beloved master Muhammad.
كل من زار المقاما
فالنبي رد السلاما
يعرف العشاق تماما
بشروا زوار محمد
For everyone who visits him, The Prophet returns the greeting of peace. He knows the lovers completely, so give glad tidings to those who visit Muhammad.
صل يا ربي و سلم صل يا رب و سلم على النبي

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