Forty Durood in Farsi ScripForty

Forty Durood Farsi 2


2 thoughts on “Forty Durood in Farsi ScripForty

  1. 786 As-salaamu ‘aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    and Jazakullah khair for your work on this blog. I’ve found it to be an invaluable resource, may God (swt) grant you and your family Jannat al Firdaus for your efforts.
    I just have some observations on this edition of forty salawat.
    While “Farsi” is indeed the name of the Persian language in Persian, it is not the name for the language in English. The proper English word is “Persian.” “Farsi” has only been used in English since the revolution, and is an invention of imperialists to divorce peoples’ concept of Persian history, art, and culture from their conception of Iran and her people. It was native speakers of Persian who convinced me of this. English speakers have no clue when asked about “Farsi poetry,” “Farsi rugs,” “The Farsi Empire,” “Farsi cats,” etc. Therefore they will go to war with Iran much more readily than would be the case if they knew Iran was actually the true home of Persian poetry, the Persian Empire, Persian mysticism (tasawwuf), Persian rugs, etc.
    The Oxford English Dictionary calls the English use of “farsi” a neologism which should be avoided.
    I concur, and I hope that you may consider these words when you post about the Persian script or language in the future.
    On the subject of the Persian script, which many including myself find infinitely easier to read than the Arabic version: this is in Nastaliq, a cursive version of Perso-Arabic script which many beginners–myself included– cannot read at all. You may wish to alert people who go to download it that it is in Nastaliq.
    Also, the title “Forty Durood Farsi 2” implies that there is a “Forty Durood Farsi 1” somewhere, yet I can’t find it. If you have an edition which includes non-cursive Persian script and English translation with Latin transliteration, that would be ideal. I’ve benefited so much from your work already, I don’t want to be greedy 🙂 But if you have such an edition, I would be really really really grateful and I’m sure other English-speaking tyros would also be grateful.
    All other things aside, I really love and appreciate what you’ve done with this blog. The more people who appreciate what traditional Islam has to offer, the better; and if more people made more abundant salawat on the Prophet (saw), best of all!
    So again, jazakullah khair.


    • Wa alaykum salam Josh. Jazakallah for your kind words and insights. I have replied to you via email few days ago as that was easier at the time. I have just uploaded a new version of the 99 Salawat. It has a beautiful large easy to read script. I hope you enjoy reading it. Wassalam


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